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How The Partner Program Can Help Your Business When You Join Our Partner Program You Will:

  • Grow your business mailing list.
  • Top-position your business email campaign.
  • Market your products to all Partners’ Subscriber email lists (minimum partner subscriber base 10,000).
  • Email Advertising Campaigns are sent out Weekly, and they are FREE of charge to partners with over 1,000,000 or more USA subscribers. There is only a one time set-up fee. Partners whose subscribers list is less than 1,000,000, please refer to our Advertising Rate Card.
  • We find the right Partners that are a beneficial match for your business.
  • Partners supply us with their Special Deal(s) and we design the HTML email campaigns for each Partner.
  • ALL Partners are Nationally known established companies.
  • All Partners are non-competing and delivering to their double opt-in subscribers.
  • All lists are safe as they’re based on opt-in subscription by each Partner, therefore no spam is ever done.
  • The subscribers lists are never shared among partners.
  • As Partners never share their lists, there is No violation of their subscribers privacy policy.
  • Before joining our Partner Program, each Partner should have a tracking code with a login to track sales and view sales reports and earnings.
  • This Partner Program tracks and validates subscribers list sizes of each Partner. It verifies if a subscriber reads the received email advertisement. Furthermore, the Partner Program tracks which ads are clicked on by a subscriber.
  • Each Partner earns a commission from purchases made by their own subscriber base.
  • All partners must offer weekly specials/deals and send the Partner program email advertisement out each week to generate revenues and expand their subscriber base.


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